Thursday, June 27, 2013

Small Office

So I am going on 30 weeks... it's quickly approaching due date time!
We have cleaned out the second bedroom and put up more shelving in our closets to make more useable room.  Condo living is a challenge but I'm trying to be creative as possible while preserving the style of my home as much as I can! 

My office space was my biggest challenge and since my creative brain is kind of tired these days I had to ask for a designers help!  My friend Liz came to the rescue.  My design space is moving into the living room area now along with lots of books/resources so the challenge is keeping the space clean.  I wanted a white desk to keep it fresh and clean.  I ordered floating reclaimed wood shelves from West Elm to go above for books. I only ended up using one because they were a pain to install and more decorative than functional in the end.  I still need a better light source and a comfortable office chair.

This is Liz's little mock up for me which helped me greatly and where we are today!
Happy Re-Arranging....

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