Monday, January 7, 2013

New Baby Inspiration Board

My BFF (yes, I just said that) frantically wrote me an email the other day titled "HELP"!  
Her second baby is due to arrive early March but she just informed me it might make an early arrival in late February. Which would mean we would both celebrate our birthdays in my favorite month so I am secretly hoping for that..Anyway back to the point, she has about 7-8 weeks before that baby is due to arrive and the baby room is not even close to being started or done for that matter!  So her hubby has some serious work to do & she has some serious online ordering to do as well.

She sent me the multi-colored dots which she loved and I worked off of that for the rest.  
We discussed gray walls either dark or a medium gray with all sorts of colors as the accents.
I love the multi-colored approach because anything goes and I love how lively and fun loving it is.
It also reflects the mother-to-be because she is lively and fun loving too!

When it comes to childrens rooms I just can't help myself.  
Kids rooms are the most fun room to create, decorate and go wild in.
It is a story board for their personality, future and special times that will be shared there. 

Good luck Kad. Now get to work...

other images via my pinterest

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